What makes a good web application?

At Tinkerbox, we help your business realize value through our core service offerings in UX Design, Agile Web Development and Business Solutions

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User experience design

Creating an overall experience that satisfies both your users and business goals is integral to a solid technology product. Employing a user-centric approach and an iterative process of continuous user testing, we build products that people enjoy using.

  • Knowing your users

    Building a good application that works require an understanding of users and their needs. Once we've outlined the various user personas, we prioritize and validate their needs, and identify how they could be solved through technology.

  • Process and aesthetics

    Translating your users' needs into a connected user experience come hand-in-hand with aesthetic qualities. We use information architecture tools, such as storyboards, to build processes and interfaces that guide users to their destination.

  • Addictive experiences

    An attention to aesthetic detail and meticulous execution engages users and keeps them coming back for more. By improving key touch points of user interactivity and presence, we build experiences that people want to share.

Agile web development

Part of what keeps us going is our appetite for keeping up to date with the latest and greatest tools, platforms and methodologies. We don't build or maintain large monolithic enterprise applications and we don't want to. So for anything else, ask us about your project.

  • Ruby on Rails

    We've been doing Ruby on Rails since 2008, at a time when it was getting ready to really hit it off in the market. Today, many startups and large companies are using Rails as their first choice.

  • Test-driven development

    Imagine hiring hundreds of testers for your growing application. Now imagine paying them. Manual testing increases exponentially as the project grows; that's why we do automated testing. Automated tests keep costs down and gives us the confidence to make changes.

  • Iterative development

    Each iteration lasts 2 weeks, at the end of which we deliver working functionality which you can use. This allows for a constant feedback loop that ensures our developers don't go off the rails and develop something that is not what you expect or need.

Business solutions

We don't sell products, we design business solutions that serve your organization's needs. You need an agency that you can bounce ideas off; one that will return them with critical thinking and analysis, not just a sales pitch for yet another project.

  • Knowing your business

    Understanding the business goals and tailoring our work process helps us deliver quality and scope while keeping within budget. We believe that having a mutual understanding of the project scope, goals and risk is the first step to building a rewarding relationship with our clients

  • The data-driven enterprise

    You can't manage what you can't measure. With our design and technical skills, you'll have the answers to your questions. We ensure that your application and digital campaigns are measureable, helping you to make timely business decisions.

  • Meeting business goals

    At the end of the day, it's useless to employ all the best practices or adopt all the latest methodologies if there is no overarching goal to meet. With an explicit understanding between us and the client, we just work on what really matters.

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