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Have you ever wondered why businesses pay thousands of dollars to develop their website or mobile app when coding is such a common skill today? Or if you can depend on online sites to build your own website or app with just a few simple clicks?

We're here to help you figure that out! It has been (pretty much) unanimously agreed on that the power of technology has helped catapult businesses to new levels. Traditional businesses are no longer trapped within geographical boundaries or may not even need to own a physical shop space; everything can now be settled within that infinite space of the internet. 

However, as important as it is to own your own products, services, or traditionally, shop spaces, it is equally important to own your own technology. Owning your own technology gives you control over the functionality of the platform and will eventually help you make software your competitive advantage. 

If you're interested to find out more, we're starting a mini series here, which will present the fundamentals of owning your own technology for your business. This series will include:

1) 5 essential articles on the basics of business technology

2) 1 Agile Workshop

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Since this series has commenced, we have decided to add a little note here to make it easier for all of you to keep up! Happy reading!

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