Junior Rails Developer

You write code like Hemingway wrote prose, and we appreciate a good book. Tinkerbox is a place of technical excellence and serendipitous camaraderie, and we're always hiring ... if you're the right person. We live and breathe code, and are excited about application development in general, and anything Ruby on Rails in particular. We're looking for programmers who share that sentiment.

Values we ought to share

In each of our roles, we identify the top 3 values that keep us aligned in acheiving our goals as a team.


FAST LEARNER We move at an exhilarating pace. In order to keep up, you need to have great learning capacity, coupled with a willingness to always keep finding better ways of doing things.


You won't make it on your own. Getting through the probation period requires a lot of involvement with the team, and your ability to gel with the rest is a key to your success.


To thrive in Tinkerbox, you need to be able to talk to stakeholders of all levels of technical sophistication. Being able to understand and translate business needs into useful problem formulations is crucial.


What we expect from you

  • Experience in designing and building large complex applications from scratch.
  • Understand and practice SOLID principles and TDD with RSpec.
  • Be able to lead small project teams and help improve the way we work.
  • As a junior developer, you will be expected to contribute and push boundaries of what our team can accomplish.
  • We believe that craft is borne of discipline, dedication and inspiration, and we are looking for someone detail oriented yet with the ability to balance.

What you can expect from us

  • Expect a lot of fruitful discussions about practices and application design.
  • Awesome tools like GitHub, Heroku, CircleCI, CodeClimate, New Relic, are all available to you from day one.