KSA Operating System

An operations system that encompassed daily operations to support full operational accounting, and to keep track of individual cars' profitability

Booking log and agreement detail pages

The Challenge

Imagine being in charge of keeping track of fleet of cars 300-strong. On pen and paper. That’s what Keng Soon Auto had to go through, but no longer. We were tasked to build forms and dashboards that would replace or augment their core business processes.

The Solution

We built a system with scheduling and calendaring support to keep track of their available inventory of cars. As a fully managed service, KSA had to be able to schedule ad hoc pick ups and deliveries in the case of vehicle break downs, or for regular maintenance. The system allowed all operational costs to be associated with individual cars, allowing KSA to track its lifetime profitability accurately. The system was designed around the sales personels' workflows, enabling them to quickly generate quotes and agreements, and decisively close the sale. On a management level, comprehensive dashboards and visualizations were designed to empower the needs of the sales, operations and finance departments.

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