Nail Deck

Laying the foundation for personalized nail products and services for the consumer market

Picking colors with your camera

The Challenge

NailDeck wanted to revolutionize the way women picked and purchased nailpolish. They realised that many women could identify their ideal nailpolish colours from items around them everyday, but often could not find them in shops. Their insight was that women wanted an app which could identify colours that they chanced upon, and use it to source for a matching nail product, which they could buy off the app.

The Solution

We built an iOS Mobile Application from the ground up for NailDeck. Using a color picked from a colour wheel or a photo that they've taken, women could visualise that exact color as nail polish on their fingers, accurately reproduced taking into consideration lighting conditions. The app also finds and suggests similar colours based on the selected colour choices of the consumer. Users could also manipulate the colors manually to create their ideal nail polish colour, and add it to their personal library which that they can keep going back to.

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