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A vision to personalize nail products and services for customers

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NailDeck was started by a bunch of entrepreneurs with a vision to personalize nail products and services for customers. The NailDeck App allows users to purchase nail products, discover new trends and book appointments with nail artists.

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The Challenge

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NailDeck wanted to revolutionize the way women picked and purchased nailpolish. They realised that many women could identify their ideal nailpolish colours from items around them everyday, but often could not find them in shops. Therefore, they wanted to create an app which could identify colours that women viewed everyday, and sourced for a matching nail product for their consumers.

The Process

This was the first time that we met with a colour picker so that proved to be a challenge. Fine tuning the effectiveness of the colour picker was complicated, and took time and effort, but we did it!

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Our Solution

We built an IOS Mobile Application from scratch for NailDeck! Using a colour picker, women could take photos of colours around them and visualised it as a nail polish on their fingers. The app will then find and suggest similar colours based on the personalised selected colour choice of the consumer. The consumer can then choose whether to purchase it or not. Other than allowing women to detect colours around them, consumers can also manipulate the brightness and saturation of the colours to create their ideal nail polish colour.

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