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A more efficient system for automating complaint sorting for better customer service

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  • Ruby on Rails
  • Griddler


Ricoh brands itself as an industry leader in office solutions, creating new value at the interface of people and information, and offering a broad range of digital networked products. Additionally, Ricoh offers a wide range of document and printing solutions through strategic alliances enhancing office productivity and document workflow.

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The Challenge

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Ricoh wanted a more efficient system to automate the sorting of complaints to the relevant departments, so as to improve their customer service.

Our Solution

We created a complaint management system which adhered to Ricoh’s SLA requirements. The system allowed Ricoh to track complaints through its lifecycle, from entry to resolution, ensuring that every complaint is being attended to. The system also used sentiment analysis and keyword extraction in the routing process.

The data extracted was then passed through an intelligent rules engine which will then automate the routing of the complaint. A significant number of trials and user research was then carried out to optimize the system such that different levels of Ricoh staff could use it with ease.

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