Smart Complaint Routing

An automated complaint sorting system that reduces the overall resolution times for better customer service

Listing and workflow views

The Challenge

Sprint planning with Scrum

Ricoh Singapore wanted a more efficient way to sort through complaints, and route them to the intended departments. Their current workflow was heavily dependent on manual processes, which factored heavily into the overall time it took to resolve a customer's issue.

The Solution

We put in place a complaint management framework which adhered to Ricoh’s SLA requirements. The system allowed Ricoh to track complaints through its lifecycle, from entry to resolution, ensuring that every complaint is being attended to by the right department. The system also used sentiment analysis and keyword extraction in the routing process to score each item, allowing more pressing issues to triaged first. The enriched data was then passed through an intelligent rules engine which would then route it to the right department. A significant number of trials and user research was then carried out to optimize the system such that different levels of Ricoh staff could use it with ease.

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