Build Future Proof Software

Don’t let anyone fool you, building software is about solving one problem after another. Make sure you’re equipped with the right problem-solving tools, processes and mindsets.

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Test Driven Development

Writing tests help reduce cost of maintaining your code base, and allows you to make changes with a peace of mind. Every project grows in complexity, and productivity can crawl to a halt without automated testing. It is an investment that keeps cost in check.

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Continuous Integration

Ever wonder how great companies like Facebook and Twitter can deploy changes without taking down the site? In fact, changes are deployed multiple times per day, and this is no accident. Continuous Integration reduces the time and effort needed for deployment, to a safe, repeatable process.

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Managed Cloud Deployments

Whether you are a fledgling startup, or a 100-ton enterprise, it makes more sense to deploy to the cloud. 12 factor deployments make for a safe and scalable environment to house your mission critical applications, while allowing you to focus on building better features.

Our Tech Stack

If you’re more of a technical bent, then this section is for you. While this is typical for the projects that we do, we have experience working with other tools on a per project basis.

Experts at Ruby on Rails

We've been using Rails since 2007, and have seen it grow into the behemoth it is today. While we keep a lookout for new technologies, ruby and its community has continued grow and mature, and has met our needs well.

React JS & React Native

React JS brought functional programming to fore in ways other languages and frameworks couldn't. The rise of React mirrored our experience with ruby back in its time, and that's got us excited.

Kotlin and Swift

Even with React Native, we will always be in touch with our native roots. However, as hardware platforms evolve, more high level programming languages are required, and we rally behind Kotlin and Swift.

A Heroku Partner

We're not shy to say that use Heroku a lot, not because we're afraid of being closer to the metal, but because we want to focus on building experiences that affect the end user directly. We are a Heroku Partner.

What we can build

As technology continues to evolve, so do we, and the possibilities for innovation are endless.

  • Deep E-Commerce Expertise

    We build custom e-commerce implementations, and platforms, ranging from single merchant systems to multi-merchant setups, like Amazon, to shop-builder platforms such as Shopify.

  • Data Warehousing and Visualization

    Data is only good if you can extract value out of it. We got your covered, whether you are looking to build a data warehouse, or building custom visualizations and dashboards.

  • Powerful Custom Search Engines

    Building a powerful search engine into your app is no trivial task; thankfully we have powerful search indexing tools such as Elasticsearch or Solr to harness your data.

  • Twelve-Factor App Deployments

    Deployment is deceptively easy, but we know better than to leave things to chance. Using the right tools, platforms and following the Twelve-Factor App methodology helps you reduce risk and cost.

  • Scalable Applications and Infrastructure

    We are experts at taking advantage of PaaS platforms such as Heroku, and using enterprise grade tools, such as message queues, and architecture, to scale apps with lesser maintenance overheads.

For all the tools and tecnologies that we use, check out our profile on Siftery.

What else can we do?

Great design creates alignment in meeting the users' needs, and achieving business goals, and pervades both technical and business decisions.


Innovation is part experimentation and having fun, and part critical thought and careful planning. Reach product market fit faster with us.


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